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Very funny stuff from Harry Enfield and Ronnie Corbett.

I’ll be watching The One Ronnie if this is the standard of comedy throughout the show.

Speed Cameras Cause Accidents

An interesting article on how speed cameras actually cause up to 28,000 accidents per year.

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IT Support Call

Caller: Hi, our printer is not working.
Customer Service: What is wrong with it?
Caller: Mouse is jammed.
Customer Service: Mouse? Printers don’t have a mouse.
Caller: Mmmmm??. . Oh really?. . . I will send a picture!

Printer mouse jam 
Click on the picture to see the nature of the printer jam!

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I’m on Google Street View!

The title of this post says it all… I got caught by the Google Street View car a few months back! It caught me getting into my car after I had been into the doctors’ surgery at Ladybank.

View Larger Map

Yes, it really is me.

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Post Valentine Day Computer Advice

A funny video from Sophos in the style of Harry Enfield’s “Mr Cholmondley-Warner Government Information Films”.

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The Website is Down

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages! Video embedded below.

Did I mention it probably isn’t safe for work! Yes, it really is that good.

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UK Surveillance World Leader

The 2007 International Privacy Ranking shows the UK to be of the world leaders in the surveillance society – a real eye opener.

From the report:

  • World leading surveillance schemes
  • Lack of accountability and data breach disclosure law
  • Commissioner has few powers
  • Interception of communications is authorised by politician, evidence not used in court, and oversight is by commissioner who reports only once a year upon reviewing a subset of applications
  • Hundreds of thousands of requests from government agencies to telecommunications providers for traffic data
  • Data retention scheme took a significant step forward with the quiet changes based on EU law
  • Plans are emerging regarding surveillance of communications networks for the protection of copyrighted content
  • Despite data breaches, ‘joined-up government’ initiatives continue
  • Identity scheme still planned to be the most invasive in the world, highly centralised and biometrics-driven; plan to issue all foreigners with cards in 2008 are continuing
  • E-borders plans include increased data collection on travellers

The one saving grace is that Scotland fairs much better in the analysis than our counterparts in England and Wales:

England & Wales
  • Inherited constitutional and statutory protections from UK Government and many of the policies
  • National policies are not judged, e.g. Communications surveillance, border and trans-border issues
  • Councils continue to spread surveillance policies, including RFID, CCTV, ID and data sharing, road user tracking
  • Few democratic safeguards at local government level, even though local government may be more accountable to electorate because of smaller numbers, decisions do not appear to be informed by research, prototyping
  • Inherited constitutional and statutory protections from UK Government and only some of the policies
  • National policies are not judged, e.g. Communications surveillance, border and trans-border issues
  • Stronger protections on civil liberties
  • DNA database is not as open to abuse as policy in England and Wales
  • Identity policy is showing possibility of avoiding mistakes of UK Government
  • Scottish government appears more responsive and open to informed debate than local governments in England

Today has also seen Elish Angiolini, the Lord Advocate, voicing her opposition against the need for the proposed forty two day detention without charge limit, which  will be voted upon on Wednesday at Westminster. The BBC has an interesting news report around this issue.

Generally, it would appear the Scottish Government and the Scots Law establishment are far better at balancing the need for surveillance against the rights of individual privacy and human rights in respect of the true threat. Seems like another reasons in the tick box for Scotland to be independent and bring even more common sense to the issue without interference from London!

Does anyone still believe we live in a free country?

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Space Weapons

This is both fascinating and alarming!

But who are the crackpot American on this occasion?

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Forth Road Bridge Taken Down

Actually, it was their website that was taken down yesterday due to a hacker using it for all kinds of nasty purposes. I discovered this issue earlier this week and worked on analysing the problem. The website was taken down within minutes once I had informed the Forth Estuary Transport Authority about the issue.

The full story, including the gruesome details, can be found on my company blog. It has also been picked up by The Register – read the news story here. There are also some follow-up blog postings for those folks that are interested.

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Best PC vs Mac Spoof

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Wii is for Everyone

Nintendo have got it so right with the Wii. The Wii is reaching people that would never have gamed in their life. I’m betting there aren’t too many silver surfers playing Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 games in the way the folk in this video are going at it.

They got caught out many years ago, in 1994/95 to be precise, when the original Playstation blew them away technology wise. The fact they were late to market and that Sony played a blinding marketing campaign, with price drops and bundle packages just at the right moment, meant the Playstation was the games console to have. However, the table has turned and Sony is now the one licking their wounds while Nintendo sip on the cream. Fate is funny that way! Someone should let Sony know about Karma and all that.

I want to know where you get the game in this clip!

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Vista Voice Wreck-Oh-Ignition

This made me chuckle!

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I’m Getting an aPhone

Screw the iPhone! I’m getting myself one of those new aPhones from Microsoft.

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Thinking of Switching to a Mac?

Enough said, so let’s move onto the picture!

Photo of Tech Chick with a Mac between her legs 

On behalf of the guys, I’d like to thank Tech Chick for the photo.

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Edinburgh by Time Lapse

Reporting Scotland, the BBC Scotland television news programme, contained a fabulous story on the production of a stunning YouTube video clip.

Koya Moments uses time-lapse photography, which involves sitting in the same spot for hours taking hundreds of pictures for a few seconds of film. It is simply stunning and an inspired concept. My hat comes off to Ewen Meldum. Check it out for yourself below…

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